A motivated individual, Sarah has been in the world of media and PR for the last 27 years. 

Sarah has been interviewed as the only female offshore racer in the world from 1993, which turned to her having her own sports show on ‘Live TV’ interviewing the likes of Terry Venables and George Best.

Her first main audition was for the Girlie Show in 1996, there were 2 Sarah’s in the running for the final spot, but Sarah Cox beat her to it, the producers not wanting to let SD go that easily, found a spot for her and she was featured on the first ever Girlie show.

Two years later in 1998 Sarah was asked to audition for Top Gear's Waterworld by producer Andy Wilman who knew her through racing powerboats. Again this went down to the final two, Sarah and Kate Humble who both did their auditions in succession on a strange home made submarine. Sarah was again beaten to the mark by Kate and Andy, not wanting Sarah to slip through the net had Sarah featured on their first show. There were talks that Sarah’s accent was way too northern at that point in BBC history because, lets face it, her knowledge on the subject matter exceeded most of the guys and she flew through the audition like a breeze with the crew already knowing her. She later featured in Top Gear Magazine.

Granada then snapped Sarah up and she worked on her own extreme sports show for the next six years. Travelling the world with producers like Graham Sherrington who later (funnily enough) was Top Gear's Director and has since worked on the F Word and is one of the most sought after Directors in the UK.

Tiff Needell, working on BBC’s Top Gear Waterworld was soon teamed up with Sarah out in Dubai as they shot a series on Offshore Racing. Tiff remains a close friend of Sarah's to this day. From there she went on to work with and/or interview many people such as Nigel Mansell, Chris Eubank, Nigel Benn, Jake Humphries, John Cleese, Jonathan Ross, Nell McAndrew - she was even taught to Sky Dive by Bob Hallett from the movie Drop Zone out at Skydive Deland.

Later Meridian TV snapped Sarah up and she was teamed with old friends Nick Knowles and Simon Vigar as they worked on the H2O show together. Sarah was responsible for test driving and reporting on all the powerboats.

Sarah featured on shows such as This Morning, They Think its All Over, Diet Drs, The Trisha Goddard Show (fitness expert), Fear Factor and many others, she made her own name for herself out of being one of those faces you wouldn’t forget, with a husky northern accent you would recognize anywhere.

Later she went on to work with 2nd Unit stunts on ‘The World is Not Enough” and “The Tourist” working under 2nd unit directors such as Gary Powell, Vic Armstrong and Simon Crane. She also orchestrated boat chases for TV commercials out in the States and continued to race from 1993 to 2010. The longest standing female racing driver of all times. She then went on to work with 2nd unit stunts on The Tourist with Angleina Jolie.

She has been in every National Newspaper in the UK, Lads mags and virtually every magazine appearing on many covers both here and in the USA. She has also been a Forces-Pin up visiting the troops both here and abroad. She even made The National Enquirer

Sarah is now writing her 2nd book. Her autobiography is due out in early 2018