In 2011 Sarah was the founder of the Galaxy Universe Organisation, the original and most successful fitness & beauty pageant in Europe. Later the show became known as Miss Galaxy Universe and The Galaxy Show. 

The question Sarah always gets asked is how did it all start, after-all, there is usually long periods of thought, a business plan, investment or sponsors and years of hard work before something becomes this big, but this show simply exploded over night.

The start of the road to this incredible show was controversial for sure if we are going to put it in black and white.

In Early 2000 Sarah was asked to judge a show at the NEC called Fame, a fitness model show. It was a Canadian show and Sarah was already winning shows out in the USA, so her name was out there in the international media.

Sarah judged the show and thoroughly enjoyed it. She didn’t hear about Fame again until 2011 when she heard that there was another Fame show in London in June. Sarah was soon on the judging panel.

Disappointed with the way the results came out and the way the competitors were treated she started her own show.

In February 2012 Kwoklyn Wan, Gok Wans brother came to Sarah’s rescue and gave her a stage for the bikini and eveningwear rounds, and a floor area for the fitness tests at NEC The Martial Arts Show Live at no cost. There were 50 girls in the show. Mick Lewis AKA Saracen ran this with her and even Lee from STEPS was a judge to support her. Irina cotton Fitness Champion was also a judge, and she remains Galaxy’s head judge to date. The show was incredible and a total success with a big feature in Muscle & Fitness Magazine.

Below the first ever set of competitors in May 2012:


Below, the first ever Supreme Champion Emma Burrows (centre green):

First ever show

By October 2012 Sarah had moved the show to the Alban Arena and keeping with 50 girls, she ran the show again, it looked beautiful in a full theatre. She had over 30 volunteers and again celebrity judges supporting her. It was a huge success and by now they had 250 girls on their FB group page. As they started to do team building activities outside the show, secured a deal with UltraFIT Magazine, MGU grew in size and by March 2013, for the 1st June 2013 show, 100 girls had entered the show within 4 hours and entry had to close. Judges included Jay Aston from Bucks Fizz and Charlotte Ord from ITV’s Biggest loser. The show was at the Hawth theatre in Crawley.

By mid June 2013, Sarah opened entry for their yet to come show on 26th October 2013. 120 girls entered within just over 3 hrs. These are record breaking numbers by any standards. 

With great organisers and celebrity judges it was more than just a fitness show, it was a performance with acts on during the pageant to entertain the audience. 

Unfortunately Galaxy closed its doors in November 2016 due to an all female show not being sustainable in a saturated industry. Six year ago saw only two organisations and four shows between them. By 2015 there were at least 10 organisations with similar classes putting on no less that 34 shows.

Although the organisers re-opened in May 2017 with the NFF Show catering also for men, with the market being so incredibly saturated and a lack of interest in the actual physical competition side of the show, the part which was the passion for Sarah to keep running it, she simply swapped the show for going back to racing as two oportunites arose she couldn't refuse. By September 2017 she had already flown to Hong Kong to launch the Asia Powerboat Series 2018.