You see all over FB these people taking ‘selfies’ and posting them...

They haven’t been to the gym unless they have posted it on Facebook and told everyone about it. Their reps, their weights how great they are.

Some of you who see these posts get disheartened as you think, “how on earth can I look like that? How on earth can I ever get that much time to go to the gym?”

Well don’t be disheartened. If you really have got the time and the need in the gym to take your phone and take pictures and post them with comments then all the 'Booms' and 'Smashes' in the world can’t detract from the fact that they aren’t focused but desperately want people to ‘know’ that they are training.

So ignore all you see, get an ipod, get some great music and work your ass off. Don’t be guided by what you see in magazines because often most of it is retouched.

Don’t be guided by super muscular but feminine girls in the bikini rounds in most of the shows because 8 out of 10 have dabbled in steroids such as Winstrol/premo and anavar - Some physiques are not realistic because they have had an added boost of a testosterone based drug - whether they admit it or not, they have. 

Sarah Pin up

70% of how you look is about diet, so always think about this. If you are a vegetarian/vegan it is more difficult, but it can be done. If you can afford a trainer, my suggestion is to find a Former Military PTI. 

Be yourself. Train for yourself and not for others. Give yourself small goals and work one step at a time. Miracles do not happen overnight. Stay with it and the more weight you lose, the less you will see it, but stick with it. Muscle doesn’t come overnight - they take a long time to develop but, once you have them, muscle has memory. As a female you can’t get massive lifting big weights - it’s a myth unless you are taking steroids. This goes for men too.

Lifting wont make you massive but what lifting will do is increase your metabolic rate, burn more calories an hour than cardio and shape your body - carrying a little bit of nice muscle will also increase your metabolic rate whilst resting because muscle uses more energy than fat when at rest; and, let's face it, on a Saturday out shopping you carry heavy bags, so why pick up a lighter weight than your shopping bags when you are in a gym?!

Everyone's diet is different - be sensible and don’t cut out carbs and fats. These are the only two macronutrients that give you energy so, if you get rid of both, how will you function? You won't go to the shops on an empty tank of gas would you? So why go to the gym on no fuel? Any trainer who says ‘no carbs’, tell him or her they are an idiot and change trainers.

There is a world of information out there - be careful where you get it from and, if you get it from someone on steroids then you aren’t actually getting the truth are you? Stay safe - your health is the most important thing in the world. Without it, you have nothing. ■